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Get rid of foot, knee, and back pain with Natural Foot’s outdoor barefoot shoes, now in the US!

Do you suffer from extreme, sometimes unbearable pain when walking, running, training, hiking, or standing for a long time? Utilizing a unique technology and after great success abroad, Natural Foot’s barefoot shoes are the solution for you!


Natural Foot Life-Changing Benefits:

✅ Walk with 0 pain

✅ Instant relief in foot and knee pain

✅ Extra toe space for maximum comfort

✅ Natural Foot shoes are recommended by podiatrists and doctors all around the world

✅ Supports all foot types due to the barefoot technology

✅ Made of breathable and light material, you won’t feel they’re on you!

The #1 Barefoot Shoe in the US

Natural Foot has invested countless resources in researching the foot’s anatomy and has vast experience in manufacturing and importing products from various brands. This has allowed us to find the perfect solution that allows everyone to get rid of their foot pain, from now, and forever.

At Natural Foot the wellbeing of our customers is our top priority. We know how a simple action such as walking can make your life a living hell.

That’s exactly the reason we’ve invested and will continue to invest countless resources, to allow you to go back to the normal, pain-free life you deserve.

Natural Foot’s barefoot shoes are a good fit for you if you suffer from:

✅ Foot, knee or back pain
✅ Pain in your heels or toes

✅ Plantar Fasciitis
✅ Bunion
✅ Flatfeet
✅ Achilles tendinitis
✅ Diabetic neuropathy
✅ Osteoarthritis
✅ Fractures
✅ Hammer Toe
✅ Various other conditions (Please message our customer service team to check if our products are a good fit for your specific condition)

Natural Foot’s products have helped more than 27,000 customers worldwide to relieve their pain.

Natural is proud to be the last choice you’ll have to make because of foot pain. Our products have helped people just like you, from every age range and every walk of life to finally get rid of their pain.

We get hundreds of messages every day about the life-changing experience our customers had with the products they ordered. Join Natural Foot‘s pain revolution NOW!

Our goal is simple – to improve your quality of life and help you relieve your pain. With a deep understanding of the foot’s anatomy and the optimal shoe structure, we’ve found the perfect solution for all types of foot pain.

Don’t continue suffering – Give your body the relief it deserves

✅ Maximum stability for healthy feet

✅ Surround protection for all parts of the foot

✅ Relieves pain & prevents further injury

✅ Supports the natural structure of the foot

Natural Foot’s unique technology – Natural barefoot support

Our natural support technology aims to allow your body to fix itself. After years of incorrect walking, with shoes that hurt and deform your legs, we’re proud to announce our new technology that will help your body return to its natural pain-free state.

The pain relief will start in your legs, slowly going up to your knees, and with consistent use, to your hips and back as well.

Every shoe is designed specifically to support barefoot walking without the hassle that usually comes with actual barefoot walking. Natural Foot’s shoes are soft, supportive, absorb shock, and stabilize your feet so you can walk for hours on end.

Utilizing our unique shoe structure, we’ve reduced the friction and pressure points against your skin, so you can be sure your foot is 100% safe.

Natural Foot’s Unique Technology:

1. Barefoot Support For Maximum Stability:

Podiatrists recommend shoes that support the natural structure of the foot. With our shoes, you’ll be able to walk without pain.

2. Breathable Material For Daily Wear

The unique material our shoes are made of is light and breathable. You can be sure you won’t be surprised by bad smell at the end of a long day.

3. Triple Cushioning For Extreme Comfort

We’re against cutting corners, so we’ve geared our shoes with the best padding possible, so you can walk comfortably, every day, for years to come, and not worry about purchasing another pair.

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